Developers + Empathy for Users = Win-Win

Date: 10.11.2018, Event: DACHFest Munich

This lightning talk was given at DACHFest to highlight some misconceptions, why it matters to practice empathy towards users, adjusting expectations, working with designers and some tips from personal experiences.

Kotlin, What the Hype?

Date: 26.10.2018, Event: KI University, Location: KI labs, Munich

This talk was given as part of our regular bi-weekly “KI University” session which is an internal company event. It was meant to help other engineers getting familiar with the idea of “Kotlin” and motivate them to see its potential which goes beyond Android.

Future of Work in an AI Economy

Date: 28.07.2018, Event: Lightning Talks Munich, Location: Munich

Today, the idea that “every company needs to become a software company” is considered almost a cliché. AI and Automation has solved a lot of our problems but we just can’t ignore how it’ll change employment forever. McKinsey in their 2017 report projected that up to 800 million workers could be displaced globally and as many as 375 million may need to learn new skills for new occupational categories. This talk was meant to create awareness about this topic, highlight misconceptions and share some recommendations on what we can do on individual level to adapt.

Hack your way to create a Website/Blog using Github Pages and Jekyll

Date: 07.06.2018, Event: KI University, Location: KI labs, Munich

How developers can use Github Pages and Jekyll to bring their personal, organisation or project websites up and running without any cost.

Keynote talk: What all these years of Android Development have taught me the hard way

Date: 31.03.2018, Event: AndroidDevFest, Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

This is just my humble effort to share insights and learnings from my career and things I wish I would have known back in the day. There will be advice, rant, anecdotes, things which worked for me and how devs can step up their game.

Introducing Google Design Sprint

Date: 17.02.2018, Location: Munich, Germany

This presentation was prepared for a meetup session hosted by MindLinks to inform audience about “Google Design Sprint” and how everyone can use it for their projects. This community in Munich provides a creative space to young professionals and refugees with a shared interest in academic discussions.