Introducing HMS Core Technology at Huawei’s HDC.Together 2020 Conference

Date: 11.09.2020, Event: HDC.Together 2020

I got a unique opportunity and honor to give 3 Talks at this grand annual HDC.Together Online event. This was telecasted live to global audience.

Device Virtualization (DV) Engine

This talk highlights a very interesting concept about how your phone can become a “super device” and by integrating DV Kit, you can add unique value by enhancing user-experience with multi-device collaboration. With distributed technology, we can create higher-performance Super Devices by breaking down the barriers between different hardware and software systems. When all of the user’s devices are connected in this way, they can coordinate and allocate resources more efficiently.


In simple terms, a platform in the same category of Android Auto (Google) and CarPlay (Apple) but when you look deeper, it is much more than just a projection solution for connected cars. The HiCar solution connects vehicles with smartphones, and brings mobile apps onboard to make driving safer, easier, and more fun.

My part starts at 09:45 minute but I’ll highly recommend to watch the video from the beginning to see the big picture.


HUAWEI HiAI is an open platform that builds a three-layer AI ecosystem for chip-, device-, and cloud-level capability acquisition. Whether you’re designing software or hardware, HiAI brings greater intelligence to your users’ digital lifestyles.

There were many amazing talks this time and if you are curious to check them out, do visit the youtube channel

Choosing a chat platform for public online communities

Date: 26.11.2019, Event: DevRelMunich Meetup

My motivation to talk on this topic was to highlight that IMHO Slack is not the ideal platform for public communities because there are serious restrictions with the free plan. I researched some alternates to Slack and shared them through this talk.

Resume Hacks for the Job Applicants | Interview

Date: 11.10.2019

It was a very candid interview and I tried to explain all the possible ways to improve resume and get the attention of the recruiter.

Date: 04.09.2019, Event: GDG Munich Android Meetup

This talk was basically an intro of core features, main building blocks, some advance use-cases, and my overall impression of “Navigation”. Hopefully, it was motivating enough for the audience to give it a try and get a good kick-start already :)


Battery Optimization Restrictions meets Notifications

Date: 07.05.2019, Event: Google I/O Extended Meetup

This was meant to share my personal hassle while dealing with restrictions enforced by Doze mode and App Standby buckets in the context of Notifications. Since 6.0, Android is trying to introduce more restrictions to make battery saving more efficient for its users but sometimes it can make life a bit difficult for developers. Important thing is to be aware of how Doze and Standby works and what we can do about it. We can either embrace it or try to fight it.


Kotlin Coroutines: How to continue work even when children tasks fail or timeout

Date: 28.01.2019, Event: KTUG Munich Jan Meetup

This talk was about sharing our learnings with the community while using Kotlin Coroutines for an interesting use case we had in our project. We are barely scratching the surface but I felt it might help others in making some better decisions with parent-child setup if they know the different uses of certain CoroutineScopes.

Recording of the Talk


Developers + Empathy for Users = Win-Win

Date: 10.11.2018, Event: DACHFest Munich

This lightning talk was given at DACHFest to highlight some misconceptions, why it matters to practice empathy towards users, adjusting expectations, working with designers and some tips from personal experiences.

Kotlin, What the Hype?

Date: 26.10.2018, Event: KI University, Location: KI labs, Munich

This talk was given as part of our regular bi-weekly “KI University” session which is an internal company event. It was meant to help other engineers getting familiar with the idea of “Kotlin” and motivate them to see its potential which goes beyond Android.

Monitoring GPS and Location Permission checks using LiveData

Date: 08.08.2018, Event: Android BBQ Munich

In our last project, we had to implement checks to ensure GPS is enabled on the device and Location Permission is granted by the user. It is important to highlight that both are critically needed to ensure the app can perform Location Tracking in background. Our best bet was to inform visually when the app is in the foreground or background in order to encourage the user to fulfill one or both of these requirements. This was only possible when UI (Activity/Fragment) and Service can listen to changes in GPS and Runtime Permission and react accordingly.

I faced several challenges while doing that and decided to solve it using LiveData.

Future of Work in an AI Economy

Date: 28.07.2018, Event: Lightning Talks Munich, Location: Munich

Today, the idea that “every company needs to become a software company” is considered almost a cliché. AI and Automation has solved a lot of our problems but we just can’t ignore how it’ll change employment forever. McKinsey in their 2017 report projected that up to 800 million workers could be displaced globally and as many as 375 million may need to learn new skills for new occupational categories. This talk was meant to create awareness about this topic, highlight misconceptions and share some recommendations on what we can do on individual level to adapt.

Hack your way to create a Website/Blog using Github Pages and Jekyll

Date: 07.06.2018, Event: KI University, Location: KI labs, Munich

How developers can use Github Pages and Jekyll to bring their personal, organisation or project websites up and running without any cost.

Keynote talk: What all these years of Android Development have taught me the hard way

Date: 31.03.2018, Event: AndroidDevFest, Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

This is just my humble effort to share insights and learnings from my career and things I wish I would have known back in the day. There will be advice, rant, anecdotes, things which worked for me and how devs can step up their game.

Introducing Google Design Sprint

Date: 17.02.2018, Location: Munich, Germany

This presentation was prepared for a meetup session hosted by MindLinks to inform audience about “Google Design Sprint” and how everyone can use it for their projects. This community in Munich provides a creative space to young professionals and refugees with a shared interest in academic discussions.