HDC.Together 2020 conference was held from 10-12.09.2020.

I got a unique opportunity and honor to give 3 Talks at this grand annual Online event. The pre-recorded talks were telecasted live to global audience. Videos of the talks are now available on Youtube.

Device Virtualization (DV) Engine

This talk highlights a very interesting concept about how your phone can become a “super device” and by integrating DV Kit, you can add unique value by enhancing user-experience with multi-device collaboration. With distributed technology, we can create higher-performance Super Devices by breaking down the barriers between different hardware and software systems. When all of the user’s devices are connected in this way, they can coordinate and allocate resources more efficiently.


In simple terms, a platform in the same category of Android Auto (Google) and CarPlay (Apple) but when you look deeper, it is much more than just a projection solution for connected cars. The HiCar solution connects vehicles with smartphones, and brings mobile apps onboard to make driving safer, easier, and more fun.

My part starts at 09:45 minute but I’ll highly recommend to watch the video from the beginning to see the big picture.


HUAWEI HiAI is an open platform that builds a three-layer AI ecosystem for chip-, device-, and cloud-level capability acquisition. Whether you’re designing software or hardware, HiAI brings greater intelligence to your users’ digital lifestyles.

There were many amazing talks this time and if you are curious to check them out, do visit the youtube channel