I have gone through job search phase several times in Pakistan and also in Germany which taught me a lot. For past 2 years, I have also been involved in screening CVs of applicants and interviews which gave me a very different perspective of hiring. It is really not easy and from my personal experiences I learnt several patterns which are common among candidates when they apply.

I wanted to share these learnings especially with the candidates in Pakistan who find it difficult to get the attention of Internatinoal recruiters in Germany. The topics are generic and can apply to anywhere and anyone. Initially, I wanted to write a blog post but couldn’t manage and then Jibran approached me for an interview for his youtube channel Desi in Wonderland and this is the result of it.

It was a very candid interview and I tried to explain all the possible ways to improve resume and get the attention of the recruiter. It was my first time on camera so please feel free to give me feedback or if you disagree with any point I mentioned.

Disclaimer: In this video, I shared guidelines on the basis of my own personal experiences and nothing to do with my current or past employers.