Back in 2017, I felt a strong need to connect with fellow Android Devs in Pakistan but couldn’t find any appropriate online space. After talking to fellow devs and graduating students, many of us realized that there’s a significant gap when it comes to care for “doing things the right way” and being aware of latest approaches and tools.

We even have our own logo!

Long story short, I decided to create a Slack Community with a sole purpose to offer a platform for expats and devs residing in Pakistan to connect with fellow android enthusiasts and support knowledge transfer from experts working in Local and International companies.

This Dev Community is open for all kinds of Android developers (beginner/advance/expert) and even non-technical professionals hailing from Pakistan. You’ll find like-minded people who are equally passionate about their career, care about doing things the right way, discuss best practices and future trends, want to help and learn from one another and rant about usual stuff

Special thanks to Arslan for making this poster for us

After roughly 2+ years, we have reached 250+ members

It is also registered on Slofile which is a public Slack community database.

You are most welcome to join us –> Click Here!