I am very excited to share that I have co-launched Developer Relations Meetup with Denis in May, 2019.


After experience of 1 year of working as part-time “Developer Advocate” at KI labs, I got really curious to explore career choices. I wasn’t hired for this but instead created a position for myself because I like doing community work, company branding and leading initiatives which can nurture engineering culture.

I remember, I searched for “Developer Advocates in Munich” on LinkedIn and found Denis who is Developer Advocate at Couchbase. He was kind enough to answer a long list of questions and during our conversation we realized that there is no such community here in Munich related to this domani of Developer Advocate/Relations/Evangelism. I don’t think it took long for us to commit to this idea and we had a meetup page in few weeks.

This is kind of topics we want to cover through our meetups:


We already organized our first meetup event which was uber successful with 60+ attendees, two very interesting talks and a surprise music performance :)

Back in 2017, I felt a strong need to connect with fellow Android Devs in Pakistan but couldn’t find any appropriate online space. After talking to fellow devs and graduating students, many of us realized that there’s a significant gap when it comes to care for “doing things the right way” and being aware of latest approaches and tools.

Join Us!

You can join our meetup community -> https://www.meetup.com/Dev-Rel-Munich/

You can follow our Twitter account for all the updates -> @DevRelMunich