Munich continues to drive its close connection with tech, innovation, universities and successful companies. I came to Munich to pursue masters but another motivation was to be part of the startup scene in Munich.

This facebook group was created back in 2013 when I realized that there aren’t many Startup Community related groups in Munich. I was volunteering with Startup Safary Berlin back then and needed to get a team from Munich to Berlin for their event. Later, I extended the purpose and aim of the group when I started getting some traction.

So, today it serves as a platform to connect like minded people in Munich, Germany or even Europe who have aspirations or are already working in domain of Startups. Members are encouraged to share any news, events, ideas or articles about startup culture, investment, incubation centers, competitions or companies in munich, germany or anywhere in the world. Anything which is worth sharing and can help the community.

Till date it has reached over 1500 members and growing organically every week ✌️

If you are new to Munich city and interested in topics of Startup, Entrepreneurship and Tech Innovation then You are most welcome to join us –> Click Here!