tl;dr: Android & other stuff at KI labs. Got a thing for Product, Engineering, People & Sarcasm. Lazy Storyteller. 🇵🇰 expat in 🇩🇪

My name is Wahib, I'm a programmer by choice, product development enthusiast and someone who takes keen interest in more than just the coding side of a mobile app. I am currently working as an Android Developer at KI labs where I turn elixirs of code into always-happy customers and clients. Prior to this, I have worked at Freeletics(~20M users), ThinxNet, Metaio (acquired by Apple Inc.) and DPLIT. I first found my passion for Android whilst I was at university and have been working with it non-stop since – I find it an amazing platform. I have worked in early age startups, mid-size services company and high-growth product companies which has helped me grow in leadership, teamwork, and knowledge.

I completed BSc. Information and Communication Systems Engingeering from NUST, Pakistan in 2011. Then I landed in Munich, Germany in 2013 to pursue MSc. Computer Science from Technical University of Munich and since then, I fell in love with this city.

I am quite passionate about engineering culture, better processes and building the "right" product for the end users. The "Product, Engineering and People" domain is something I am investing my energy in and trying to learn and grow myself. I'm an avid reader, easy-to-go guy, a foodie (I come from the lands of exotic food!). In my free time, I love travelling, reading books, hanging out with friends or watching a good movie at home. All hobby projects or the proverbial itch that needs scratching would go in projects section.

I was born and bred in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and quite an Urdu language enthusiast. I invested some time and energy last year to work on a side project to create awareness about using "Nastaliq" for Urdu on digital space. I ended up publishing an Android app on Google Play and also wrote post about the project. If you are curious to know more about multifaceted Pakistan or maybe ever thought about visiting, then do checkout Visit Pakistan. It is a personal effort to compile updates about International tourists who've visited Pakistan in past and also help you in finding all the good reasons to visit as well :)

It’s another place I love to connect with like minded people, so feel free to ping me at, connect via Linkedin or follow me on Twitter / Instagram. I normally tweet about Android, Expat, All things Pakistani & Life's lemons. I am a kind of lazy storyteller who likes to share about what's going around him. I write what I like, but sometimes not, and any opinions I express are usually my own.