In Progress


Hodor Mobile App

Hodor is a an app that was developed to conveniently open the door of our building in Munich office by communicating with the Raspberry Pi. It is an improved version of the Slack bot which was already developed by other team members. The main motivation behind doing this project was to get hands dirty with Flutter SDK and try to build a cross-platform mobile app.

The code is available on Github but unfortunately I won’t be contributing to it anymore.

Urdu Font Comparator App

This project is about an Android application (available on Google Play) which allows users to explore various Urdu Fonts, eventually helping them in choosing the right one. This project is additionally intended to make users appreciate why Nasta’liq script should be a natural choice for Urdu content on mobile devices.

It is a very personal project which I formally kicked off in Feb 2017 and completed in July 2017. I was also super motivated because one of my 2017 New Year’s goals was to develop my own Android app from scratch and get it published on Google Play. This idea seemed like a good way to achieve this goal. I wrote about the motivation and purpose in more detail as a blog post and code is also open-sourced on GitHub.

Slack Community for Android Devs from Pakistan

I have created a Slack community for Android Developers exclusively for Pakistanis. Long story short, it’s purpose is to provide a platform to devs in Pakistan to connect and discuss problems together. At the same time, it is also intended to help in knowledge transfer from experts working in International companies and researchers in foreign universities. After talking to fellow devs and graduating students, many of us have realized that there’s a significant gap when it comes to care for “doing things the right way” and using latest tools and libraries. Experts working anywhere in the world can get a chance to help and groom those who are really interested to up their game.

We have currently 50+ members and it’s growing every week. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to join or otherwise at least do share this invite page link with the right people.

Personal Website + Blog + Portfolio :

I have been planning to have my personal website for a long time and finally, it is getting executed. It is hosted using Jekyll as a static site generator with GitHub Pages. I was looking for something which saves me effort of hosting and still get that feeling of ‘geekiness’ of customizing things by hand. After extensive research to chose the appropriate theme, I ended up using Beautiful Jekyll theme which is clean, elegant and serves the purpose. The website is hosted on Github as a public repository (obviously!) and made my domain i.e point to the Github Pages site.

Ultimate Resources for Android Developers

Like any other developer, I explore, read and follow a lot of different resources related to Android and regularly bookmark something I feel like important and useful for future. I decided to publish my bookmarks and my research as my first blog post titled Ultimate Resources for Android Devs. Then, I realized that it makes more sense to create a repo and keep updating it with the passage of time and ask other devs as well to contribute and help in increasing it’s knowledgebase.

This is a demo application which was developed as a submission to coding challenge given by Dubsmash as first phase of hiring process. Source is available on Github.


Around Jan-Feb 2015, I started working on a side project with Mustafa Abdelhai which was meant to exclusively help Programmers in bringing their Portfolios alive. It was Mustafa’s idea that there is absolutely nothing like Dribbble for Programmers and I agreed. While working on the prototype version, I wanted to fetch user’s Github data using Python but didn’t find any solid tutorial or learning resource.

Once completed, I decided to publish a very basic python implementation to show how to connect and fetch data from Github Official API using PyGithub.

The source is available on Github. I couldn’t continue with him due to time constraints but I am so happy that he continued and the idea is live today in shape of Devolio.

Also, I would highly recommend to check out Devolio, use it and give your feedback !! 

Masters Thesis : Speaker Detection and Conversation Analysis on Mobile Devices

I submitted thesis in May 2015 and It was done in association with Cooperative Systems Chair of TUM Informatics Faculty. The scope of project was to implement, investigate and compare offline vs online approaches for audio processing on Android device. It involved Smart Probing strategies, Recording, Feature Extraction and investigating Energy consumption (battery usage, memory usage and cpu usage) for Voice Activity Detection.

This thesis topic presents design, implementation and evaluation of real-time voice activity detection system on the conversation, recorded by a smartphone to potentially identify its owner. The findings and deliverable would become a basis for future work in smart mobile interruption management.

Project details and Source code is available on Github. The submitted Thesis report is also accessible on Academia.

Lane Detection using OpenCV & Android

This project was developed as a semester project during my masters program. The Android app detects lanes on road, overlays using a red line and calculate estimated values of Standard Deviation of Lane Position (SDLP) based on position of car in the lain. The motivation of developing this android app as a proof of concept was to help researchers in domain of ergonomics to investigate driver’s behavior in different scenarios.

Source and details are available on Github.